• acrylic waterproofing system before
  • acrylic waterproofing system after

5 Layer flexible acrylic waterproofing system consists of fiberglass mat is a water based elastomeric waterproofing membrane for exterior surfaces.

It is specially formulated to absorb considerable substrate movement and to bridge developing cracks. It can be applied to substrate such as concrete, render, aluminum, steel, cement sheet, masonry, brick, wood, etc.

Ideal for use to waterproof external façade, RC roof, etc.

  • waterproofing membrane system before
  • waterproofing membrane system after

Torch on waterproofing membrane system, are quality sheet membranes designed to meet the needs in tanking and roofing applications.

Torch on membranes are APP elastoplasticomeric type modified bitumen membranes formulated with meticulously selected raw materials conceived to ensure compatibility and homogeneity. The result is the provision of reinforced polymer bitumen membranes of superior quality,which will satisfy every specific necessary of waterproofing.

Ideal for use to waterproof RC roof, car porch, etc.