Roof coating System
Roof coatings bolster your home or warehouse against the damage that weather elements can cause. It prevents your roof from absorbing moisture and won’t allow the moisture to seep into your home. Moisture seepage can serve to weaken important structural parts of your property, and it’s truly the last thing you want to happen.

  • acrylic waterproofing system before
  • acrylic waterproofing system after

Torch On membrane system
A high-quality flat roof waterproofing system MUST be installed to protect your roof. Especially if you have a concrete roof since concrete is porous and absorbs water and other fluids. Thus, resulting in water ingress issues and other structural damage. The most common waterproofing system for flat roofs is the bituminous torch on waterproofing. There are various brands of torch on waterproofing available. We have been in the waterproofing industry long enough to know which waterproofing system is the best for your flat roof.

  • waterproofing membrane system before
  • waterproofing membrane system after